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Having worn glasses (as thick as the bottom of pepsi-cola bottles) since the age of 12 or seeing the movie Ben Blur instead of Ben Hur, I realized it was time to take a different approach to my vision care. It is refreshing once again to see with 20/20 vision and I owe my appreciation to Dr. Waring. Dr. Waring in particular is not only a doctor that I can trust; I wouldn't trust my eye care to any other professional. I would also like to say that the staff make each visit to the office more pleasant. Their level of professionalism and care are incomparable to all others. I would recommend Dr. Waring and his staff for anyone seeking cataract surgery.

Charleston, SC

Dr. Waring and his staff are second to none. Their confidence and caring gave me no doubt about my decision to get Lasik. Any questions or concerns were answered confidently and clearly. He gave me 20/15 vision. I feel I've dealt with the best in the field here.

Charleston, SC

Dr. Waring is the second generation Waring to perform surgery on my husband's eyes. In the early 90's Dr. Waring's father performed experimental (trial) lasik at Emory in Atlanta. I found his son seeking a second opinion for cataract surgery. What a fantastic result. Emory could not find the old records for my surgeries and therefore it was a bit more difficult to get the right lens. However, the result with the laser surgery and cataract removal is 100% perfect vision. Dr. Waring loves what he does and his team of professionals show the same zeal.

Charleston, SC

I had a great experience with Dr Waring and his staff. I came in with cataracts in both eyes and couldn't read the big E on the chart without my contacts . I left with 20/15 vision. I recommend Dr Waring highly.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Waring and his staff. One NEVER feels like a number. Everyone was very professional yet down to earth.

Charleston, SC

I'd like to share my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Waring and his staff at Waring Vision Institute. I heard about Dr. Waring's procedures to treat presbyopia so scheduled a consultation to discuss options as I was really struggling with reading glasses and not being able to see faces clearly. From the first appointment to my post-procedure follow-up appointment today, the care I received and the outcome of my surgery exceeded all expectations. I've been glasses-free since my procedure (over 4 months) and it has changed my life! I cannot say enough about the professionalism and talent of the staff and physicians at Waring Vision Institute. If anyone is struggling with over 40 vision loss or curious about results of Lasik for presbyopia and want to take the next step to significantly improve your quality of life - please make an appointment today! Feel free to email me at johnsusa@musc.edu if you'd like to hear my story.

John, Charleston, SC

I recently had cataract surgery on my right eye at Waring Vision Institute with ophthalmologist, Dr. George O. Waring IV. It was a wonderful experience, which far surpassed any prior expectations on my part.

In preparation, Dr. Waring and his staff patiently explained exactly what would take place. He was very particular about ensuring that conditions for my surgery would be as perfect as possible. He provided his professional opinion at every juncture—never pressuring me to have the surgery. He is a good listener and I felt that I received his complete attention during each visit.

Surgery was quick and painless and the results have been like a dream come true!

His staff members are, without exception, professional, competent and caring individuals who consistently prioritize the patient in a friendly manner.

Although a serious procedure, it has been a comfortable and completely positive experience for me. I will return to have further surgery on my left eye and do unequivocally recommend Dr. Waring to others.

Charleston, SC

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with Dr. George Waring and his staff at the Waring Vision Institute. I was diagnosed with dysfunctional lens syndrome in both eyes. Dr. Waring performed “Catalys Laser Assisted Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery with Technis Multifocal Lens” on each of my eyes in May 2014.

Dr. Waring and his staff were very professional and caring throughout the process. During the preliminary visits, Dr. Waring took time to explain the problems with my eyes and then to explain the options for correcting the problems. He and other staff members were so kind and caring on the days of surgery. They made sure that I understood exactly what would be done and continued to follow up after surgery. Dr. Waring called later in the day of each surgery to ask how I was feeling and if I had any questions or concerns.

I have had wonderful results. After wearing reading glasses for many years, requiring progressive strengths, I now require no glasses. I now have better than 20/20 in both eyes. What a blessing this has been for me. I am an accountant and constantly use a computer and work with numbers. The change has been amazing.

I would highly recommend Dr. Waring and his staff for any eye problem that you may be experiencing. If you are looking for a professional, caring surgeon, Dr. Waring is the person. He has a wonderful personality and shows great concern for his patients. Thank you Dr. Waring for being kind and caring. Most of all thank you sharing your God-given ability to restore my eyesight.

W. D. Collins

The Entire staff at the Waring Vision Institute are very welcoming, professional, and intelligent. They perform at the highest level of standard I have ever experienced and I would highly recommend using them as your GO-TO for any of your eye needs. Dr. George O Waring's accolades are unrivaled and his sincerity permeates through every aspect of his work. He has VERY steady hands!

Charleston, SC

I must say that Dr. Waring and his team are very thorough. I have worn glasses for 35 years, and contacts for 28 years. I found out that I had damaged my eyes from over wearing my contacts. I was on the border for lasik PRK, and decided to get the Vision ICL procedure instead. This was the best thing I could have done. I could see 20/20 the next day. I think it may be even better now. He even has one eye set for distance and one for fat away, so I don't even need my readers anymore. I only wish I had done this sooner!

Charleston, SC

I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Waring and his team. I went to the office for a consultation about LASIK, had extensive test performed on each eye, and then spoke directly with Dr. Waring about my options. I choose to have Catalys laser Assisted Reflective Lens Exchange Surgery with a Multifocal lens. I am delighted with the results and would highly recommend it. I now have 20/20 vision and am enjoying not having to search for my glasses!

If you are looking for a professional team, a highly experienced surgeon, and outstanding better then expected results then go directly to Dr. Waring at the Waring Vision Institute.

-Charleston, SC

What a fantastic experience and a perfect outcome. My husband had cataracts removed and some laser surgery as well and his vision is restored to better than 20-20! The staff and surgical team are very professional. The staff keep the office moving and is very impressive. Now about Dr. Waring - you will not meet a more down-to-earth, confident, knowledgeable professional. A man who loves what he does and is very focused but has a great sense of humor! We were so happy with the process and outcome. It is well worth the trips from Bluffton to Charleston.

Lilly B., Bluffton, SC

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks during my recent surgery February 9, 2014. Prior to surgery I had limited vision in my right eye, my only seeing eye as I have never seen out of my left eye with congenital blindness. I wore glasses to help my vision but it did not make any significant impact. I was not comfortable with night time driving.

Since the surgery, I am able to see 20/20 in my right eye. I do not need to wear glasses on a daily basis. My night time driving has greatly improved. Colors are bright and vibrant. My experience has been wonderful. I am so pleased with my decision to have this procedure. Thanks again for all of your care and compassion.

Ida M. Hamilton, Charleston, SC

Dr. Waring performed cataract surgery on both my eyes and I couldn't be happier with the results. We discussed my various options and results for the surgery and together made the decision on what I was comfortable with having. All appointments were very prompt and I found Dr. Waring and his entire staff to be very friendly, courteous and anxious to be helpful. All my questions and concerns were answered. Dr. Waring was recommended to do my surgery by my son, who is an executive with an ophthalmology instrument company. In turn, I would highly recommend Dr. Waring for cataract surgery or other eye problems.

Elinor Thatcher, Santee, SC

The most poetic words I can think to say to the staff are “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you!” Having depended on serious vision correction since I was ten, I can honestly say this has been a true life-changer -- more than I even expected. I wake up earlier now just because. My eyes and face actually feel better without lenses -- no red eyes and itching. I’m looking forward to easier camping and boating with my family. I can tell I’m just more excited in general (didn’t think that was possible). I can’t say enough about the entire staff a the center -- five minutes into my first consultation I made the decision to do this. They were obviously caring, but most of all confidence. I never felt even slightly apprehensive because of that confidence and I never doubted I’d made the right choice. EVERYONE should be able to do this. Thank you again Dr. Waring, Alisa, and the entire staff. You’ll probably be receiving those annoying family portrait Christmas cards from me for the rest of your lives. It’s your fault, you’ve made a new young(ish) man.

Bradley MacLean, Charleston, SC

After my husband was so pleased with his surgery by Dr. Waring, and with his multi-focal lens, I decided to use him since my vision was so bad I was using only my better eye to read and only by holding my glasses at a certain angle. I had visited another office only 7 months previously and was told my glasses were okay. Dr. Waring verified what I suspected, that I had cataracts in both eyes, which were affecting my vision. Although I went for vision correction, he also helped my dry, itching eyes with prescriptions for eye drops. Dr. Waring was great at communicating my vision problems and has such a great professional manner, I felt comfortable about trusting my eyes to his surgery. His staff were also so professional I felt at ease throughout both procedures. Within only hours after each surgery, my vision tested at near 20/20 and I could hardly believe the clarity of my vision -- how much I was not seeing. I highly recommend Dr. Waring and refractive surgery.

Linda Burdett, Santee, SC

I would like to thank Dr George Waring, his surgery staff and the staff at Waring Vision Institute for their professional and caring manner on how they take care of patients. It really makes a difference when you are taking care of someone’s vision. I was referred to Dr George Waring. I had cataracts in my mid 50’s not something I wanted to hear. A cataract not a problem this day and age, with lasers and great doctors out there its outpatient surgery. I had Lasik corrective surgery about 7 years ago, which I would recommend to anyone. Dr. Waring a specialist in Lasik and cataract surgery completed the operation. He was caring and informed me of everything that was going to be done. I would strongly recommend Dr George Waring to anyone that is in need of eye care. After the surgery that evening he called me, just to make sure there were no problems. That’s a doctor caring about their patients you don’t get from every doctor today.

Richard Victor, Goose Creek, SC

My experience with Waring Vision Institute was wonderful! Dr. Waring is truly a genius. I can see better now than I ever have in my life and am discovering each day how wonderful it is to have ‘super vision’ — as Dr. Waring calls it. I was able to see clearly the instant my surgery was complete and have had no negative effects whatsoever.

Additionally, I found Dr. Waring's bedside manner to be kind and thorough. He was extremely concerned about accurate pre-surgical testing, which gave me great confidence in the success of the procedure. I appreciated his willingness to patiently and honestly explain my options.

His staff is well-educated, well-informed, efficient and very kind as well. It was a pleasure being a patient.

Stephanie Oberempt, Mount Pleasant, SC

This has been life changing for me! I was very nearsighted and had worn contact lenses and glasses for 34 years. I decided to get implantable contact lenses since I was not a good candidate for LASIK surgery or PRK. The procedure itself was simple and the healing time was very short. Although I still need reading glasses for small print, my long distance vision is better than ever.

My follow-up care was the best I have ever received from any doctor visit. I always felt secure and confident with the care I received from beginning to end. I would recommend this procedure to anyone, whether you are a candidate for LASIK or not. Dr. Waring is definitely the doctor of choice in the Charleston area!

Paige Zofcak, Mount Pleasant, SC

My head never felt this light until I had LASIK eye surgery. The picture is much clearer now that I no longer have to wear those ‘sweat magnets,’ otherwise known as glasses! Each morning, I take time out just to reflect on the clarity of the stars and the moon just before the sun comes out.

Before surgery, I would keep my focus to the ground. Now I look up and my walk is taller! I am beginning to react faster to the basketball and I’m more eager to join in on other athletic sports. I can barely wait until fishing season!

Dr. Waring and his crew told me all about the procedures and made me feel confident in them. By following my first instinct (just do it), I can now enjoy the benefits of owning my very first vehicle. I am very thankful for the skills of Dr. Waring and his team. I highly encourage anyone else who is suffering from bad eyes to get your 20/20 vision today!

Damiene Green, Charleston, SC

Thank you all for a successful surgery! Everyone on the team is welcoming and friendly. I'm very impressed with Waring Vision Institute, and super satisfied with my super vision.

Rob Parker, Wadmalaw Island, SC

My experience could not have been better. Top of the line service.I would highly recommend to everyone !!!

Danny Walling, North Charleston, SC

Dr. Waring performed LASIK surgery on both eyes about a month ago, and I can honestly say that it is a life changing surgery. While the actual surgery took only minutes, I could immediately read the clock on the wall and was back at work the next day. I cannot express what a joy it is to wake up in the morning and be able to see clearly. Not having to struggle with contacts or glasses is truly a gift! I would recommend the Waring Vision Institute to anyone with vision problems. Schedule a consultation today. You will not regret it! The entire Waring team is a pleasure to be around; they made the process easy and question-free.

Sincerely - Another 20/15 Patient!

Candice Wigfield, Charleston, SC

Thanks to Dr. Waring and the staff at the Waring Vision Institute I now see 20/15. The results are better than I expected. The LASIK procedure has changed my life. I never knew how vibrant my vision could be. Thank you Dr. Waring and staff, together you all made an overwhelming, life-changing difference.

Laura Giganti Droege, Hanahan, SC

Dr. Waring and the staff at Waring Vision Institute were fantastic. I just completed my 1-year post-LASIK check-in. The surgery itself took minutes to complete and corrected my astigmatism and nearsightedness to 20/15 vision. I could have returned to work the next day, but took the time off, because I had it available. If you're thinking of getting LASIK, I highly recommend Waring Vision Institute and Dr. Waring.

Tony Ankrapp, Mount Pleasant, SC

Before getting my LASIK 6 months ago, I could not even see the big "E" on the standard eye charts. Now I have better than 20/15 vision!! It didn't hurt at all, and recovery was a breeze. Perfect vision has been such an awesome blessing. I never imagined I could be without contacts and glasses. They are so so nice there and take great care of you.

Theresa Krause, Summerville, SC

I just got LASIK eye surgery by Dr. Waring and I can't say enough about how great they are! A week after the surgery my eye sight is 20/15 in both eyes and improving! The staff really cares and makes you feel like you are part of the family. 5 Star service all around!

Candice Chuppa, Johns Island, SC

Before my refractive lens exchange, I was one who might have been referenced "the reluctant patient." Not only did I fear the procedure, I doubted it could clear up the acute angle glaucoma that had been a part of my life for around a dozen years. I was so wrong! The surgery (which I had postponed due to my fear) was a tremendous success. I now have (20/10 vision), no longer need glasses or contacts, and my pressures are in the normal range (no glaucoma drops). Dr. Waring is not only a skilled ophthalmologist, he is a respected researcher whose work in the field of LASIK surgery and refractive lens exchange is well-documented. What is not well-documented, however, but is certainly worth noting is the exemplary bedside manner shown to patients by Dr. Waring and his staff. I have never felt more cared for, respected, or understood by a doctor (in any specialty area).

Sandy Brossard, Columbia, SC

I had LASIK done just over a week ago. Like Theresa Krause (below), I couldn't see the "E" on the eye chart prior to the procedure. Immediately after the surgery, Dr. Waring asked me to look at the clock and tell him what time it was. The procedure was painless and the results are amazing! For those of you that can't imagine what it is like to wake up and not immediately search for your glasses, it is worth every penny! The staff was great and Dr. Waring is very caring and professional. If you are going to get surgery, why go to anyone other than a doctor that teaches what he practices? A big thank you to everyone at the Waring Vision Institute!

Dave Wallitt, Charleston, SC

I got LASIK surgery done a month ago and now I can see 20/15 and I don't need to bother waking up to put my contact or glasses on. I am really satisfied with the result and I definitely recommend Waring Vision Institute because they have a caring and helpful staff and Dr. Waring is a great doctor that is honest and thorough in answering any questions.

Daniel Hernandez, Summerville, SC

This weekend I went camping for the first time without the hassle of contacts and glasses! My lasik procedure was just over 1 month ago, and I'm one happy camper! Many thanks to all of the Waring Vision Institute staff. You are excellent at what you do, and I'm so grateful for my new eyes!

Ginger Henry, Charleston, SC

Thank you to Dr. Waring and his fabulous team at Waring Vision Institute for giving me the gift of vision! I now have 20/10 eye sight, and it's been incredible! To simply the feeling, it's as if I've gone from having "rabbit ears on an old tv set" to "Super HD/3D". It's been an amazing experience and life changing. I only wish I had done it long ago. Not only are all of the staff talented, but they are sweet too. Thank you to all!

Kristyn Brinker, Charleston, SC

Dr Waring's professionalism and knowledge has allowed me to pursue my dream. He and his staff successfully corrected my vision to 20/15 with PRK. On July 28th, I was accepted into flight school where I will serve as an Apache pilot in the SC Army National Guard. Thank you Waring Vision Institute. Philippians 4:13

Kelly Ingram, Columbia, SC

Just had the LASIK surgery done by Dr. Waring on 6-11-13. My starting vision was 20/80 in my right eye and 20/100 in my left. I heard their commercial on the radio and with a free consultation I knew I had to check it out. I was always told I was not a candidate for LASIK because of my heavy stigmatism but Dr. Waring informed me that I was actually a perfect candidate for his new laser. The surgery only took about 15 minutes to complete and to my surprise there was no pain whatsoever! My vision was fuzzy for about 3 hours and then I felt like I was seeing perfectly. I went to my post op appointment the next morning and my vision was 20/20! I didn't have any burning or itching sensations. Today marks a week after my surgery and I had another appointment this morning. After going through all the vision test I was told that my vision had increased to 20/15! This was by far the best experience I have ever had. Also to top it all off, I had the surgery on my birthday and at the end of my surgery the whole staff gathered around and sang me "Happy Birthday". I have never met people more kind and if I had to do it again I wouldn't hesitate! If you are considering LASIK you must go to the Waring Vision Institute for the best!

Jason Patrick Kufen, North Charleston, SC

Thank you guys so much! It is truly amazing to see the way I am! Just great to wake up and see right off the bat without contacts or glasses. The staff was amazing and Dr. Waring is awesome. Thanks again!

Steve Replenski, Pawleys Island, SC

I just went in yesterday for my three month check up. Everything was great. I have to say my experience with the Waring Vision Institute has been wonderful from day one. Dr. Waring is a great doctor and his staff makes you feel like you are their only patient. Topher, Alyssa, and Melody go above and beyond. Thanks for all your hard work!

Melanie Richardson, Mount Pleasant, SC

My experience with Waring Vision and Dr. Waring was superb. Everyday life without glasses is amazing. I am most amazed by how crisp and vibrant things look now. Thank you Waring Vision!!!

Shantell Daniel, Charleston, SC

9 days after LASIK and 20/10 vision! I had such a great experience at Dr. Waring's office. Everyone is very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend!

Kerrington Wilson, Mount Pleasant, SC

Celebrating my first Independence Day without glasses... celebrating my independence from glasses and contacts! Thank you, Dr. Waring and staff!!

Cristina Guillermo Natividad, Goose Creek, SC

It has been a few months now...after PRK. I'm seeing clear. My military performance is up, my grades in class are improving and I don't have as many headaches from squinting. Thanks...you guys are amazing!!

Jeremy Thomson, Charleston, SC

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