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Waring Vision Institute: More than 20/20 Vision

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Mount Pleasant facility becomes the first to debut new cataract surgery technology

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Dr. Waring featured on the Cover of Ocular Surgery News discussing Vision Correction for each Stage of Life

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Residual Astigmatism After Toric IOL Implantation

Dr. Waring discusses whether refractive cataract surgery should be its own subspecialty.

Post-Cataract Refractive Errors - Current Approaches and Unmet Needs

Dr. George Waring IV, speaks and moderates the Postoperative Lens Adjustability Panel Discussion

The art and science of assembling and fostering a world-class team.

Dr. George Waring IV, The role of ocular scatter in clinical practice /New metrics in screening for ectasia risk.56:22 (Nov21), 2018.

Setting Expectations in Cataract Surgery

Maximizing Presbyopia Treatments

How Has Your Approach to Advanced Technology IOLs Changed in the Past 2 or 3 Years?

How Do You Emulate the Ritz-Carlton Experience in Your Practice?

Dr. George Waring Interviewed on Advances in Cataract Surgery on Channel Live 5 WCSC-TV

Dr. Waring In the News

Dr. George Waring Interviewed on Patient Experience on Channel Live 5 WCSC-TV

Dr. Waring In the News

Dr. George Waring Interviewed on Presbyopia Correction on Channel Live 5 WCSC-TV

Dr. Waring In the News

EyeWorld | IOL formulas improve refractive accuracy

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EyeWorld | Technologies that improve refractive surgery

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Ophthalmology Times (May 2011)

Lens Exchange Aids Vision Quality

Ophthalmology Times - ASCRS edition (April 2010):

Treatment of presbyopia: Corneal inlay uses pinhole effect

Ocular Surgery News (October 2009):

Thin LASIK Flaps Require Careful Handeling

Ophthalmology Times (September 2009):

PRK to Enhance Previous LASIK(Editorial)

Eye World (February 2009):

SBK over PRK?

Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today (August 2008):

Comparing Flaps Created with Femtosecond Lasers (Cover Story)

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