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As we age, the body tissues change – including the eye structure. The soft, delicate lenses in the eyes can become harder, eventually becoming opaque, and affecting vision. Cataract treatment can restore your vision and bring back the clear, sharp vision you enjoyed in your younger years, while reducing your need for distance and reading glasses.

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Cataract Overview

The lens of the eye is an amazing part of the structure, and functions like a camera lens to focus light passing to the back of the eye. As the years pass, the proteins in the lens start to deteriorate and break down, leaving the lens cloudy and vision blurred. The impact of cataracts starts slowly, but eventually can have a very serious impact upon vision -- and should be treated in the early stages.

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Detection & Prevention

To determine if you have cataracts, several tests must be performed. Your eye must be dilated so our ophthalmologist can look deep into the eye structure and view the lens, as well as other parts of your eye. You can help stave off the development of cataracts by having a thorough eye exam each year, eating a healthy, nutritious diet, reducing alcohol consumption, wearing sunglasses in bright sun, and for those with diabetes, carefully following the regimen your doctor advises to keep the condition under control.

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Cataract Treatment

Cataracts are treated with a special surgical procedure, often with the uses of a laser, that replaces the natural lens with a lens implant. The restorative lens implant functions in many ways like a natural lens, and becomes a permanent part of your eye.

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