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Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness. The symptoms of myopia are the ability to see close objects with clarity, while distant objects appear blurry or indistinct.

Suffering from myopia is frustrating because it can make watching television, driving, or certain aspects of performing your work duties more difficult. Nearsightedness is common and affects people at almost any age. It is believed nearsightedness, or a propensity for developing the condition is passed down through genetics. Dr. George Waring of the Waring Vision Institute in Charleston, SC is a national and international leader in vision correction, and is exceptionally experienced in treating myopia, and provides relief and clear vision with various treatment options.

Causes of Myopia

There are many causes for myopia, which is a defect of the cornea of the eye, or the lens within the eye structure. In most cases, the cornea has an abnormal curvature, or is abnormally long, causing the eyes to be unable to focus correctly, impacting clarity and focus. Those who work at a computer or focus on a fixed distance can develop trouble shifting focus to more distant objects. Finally, myopia can also be linked to variations in blood sugar levels associated with diabetes.

Myopia Testing & Diagnosis

There are a several tests that can be used to determine the level of severity in a case of nearsightedness. The first is a distance chart. The chart consists of multiple rows of letters that get smaller as you progress. The other type of test uses a device called a phoropter, testing eye focus by placing a series of lenses in front of your eyes. A handheld light called a retinoscope may be used, or an automated instrument, both of which use light to evaluate how the eye focuses. A high definition wavefront aberrometer is also used, which is the most advanced technology available in the United States to measure myopia, and the Waring Vision Institute is the first to offer this ground-breaking technology to his clients. The combination of tests will help our eye correction professionals to determine the degree of myopia and the treatment that would be most appropriate.

Treatment Options for Nearsightedness in Charleston, SC

Dr. George Waring owns and operates his practice in the Charleston area, and as an authority on vision correction who is recognized for his contributions in developing some of the most advanced eye correction surgeries, provides a range of advanced treatments to correct vision. The variety of treatment options for myopia, include:

  • Eyeglasses. Glasses are one of the most common solutions for myopia. You may only need to wear glasses for certain activities, but some clients may need to wear glasses consistently.
  • Contact Lenses. Contacts have the advantage of being invisible, and creating less impact on peripheral vision.
  • Surgical Procedures. Surgery may be able to improve sight by correcting or replacing the lens of the eye, implanting a lens in the eye, or correction of the cornea.

Dr. Waring’s practice is highly regarded not only in the Charleston area and beyond, but nationally and internationally. He offers personalized, high-quality care for each client. Contact our office today to explore your options, and gain access to the most advanced treatments available in the USA to treat myopia.

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