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Folly Beach, South Carolina | Waring Vision Institute
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For years, Dr. George Waring and his expert team at the Waring Vision Institute have been proudly serving the Folly Beach, South Carolina community with top ophthalmologic care. As founder and medical director of the institute, Dr. Waring is dedicated to providing innovative treatments that are designed with the patient’s unique attributes in mind. Thousands of patients have benefitted from his carefully-crafted procedures, enjoying restored vision and a better outlook on life.

Having received praise and recognition from various ophthalmology organizations of renown, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the International Society of Refractive Surgery, and Castle Connolly’s Guide to America’s Top Ophthalmologists, Dr. Waring’s reputation of excellence has allowed him to connect with a high volume of patients and give them the care they require. He has also played a role in developing some of the most cutting-edge ophthalmology procedures available today.

Cataract Treatment

Cataracts are a condition in which the eye’s natural lens becomes ‘clouded.’ While this development is often considered to be a part of the natural aging process, there is actually another process at play. The accumulation of excess protein in the lens is what eventually leads to cataract symptoms, such as blurry vision, issues with glare, reduced color perception, reduced night vision, and nearsightedness (otherwise known as Myopia).

Unlike other eye issues that can improve over time with corrective eyewear, cataracts are essentially irreversible without surgery. Cataract surgery works by removing the eye’s natural lens and replacing it with an artificial one that grants the patient clearer vision. While eye surgery may make some nervous, the truth is that it is a quick procedure that comes with minimal discomfort.

Dr. Waring has an elite level of expertise in treating cataracts and is known for performing refractive cataract surgery, a more advanced treatment with incredible results. This technique involves a combination of both lens replacement and laser correction to address concerns such as nearsightedness, farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism. After undergoing refractive cataract surgery, patients walk away with greatly improved distance and reading vision and little-to-no need for glasses. This innovative combination procedure is the result of years of technological advances, making it the most efficient way to treat cataracts. Patients who choose to undergo cataract surgery with Dr. Waring can rest assured that they are in good hands.

Laser Vision Correction (LASIK)

Vision issues such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism affect patients all over the world. Thankfully, LASIK surgery is an effective means of addressing them. For decades, laser technology has been the leading protocol for treating issues in the cornea and reducing vision issues. LASIK and other laser vision procedures are quick and easy to perform, allowing patients to get back to their lives with little downtime. Patients walk away with remarkably improved sight, giving them the ability to see clearly and live their lives without needing glasses or other eyewear.

During the consultation, the eyes are thoroughly assessed using mapping software. This information is then used in the procedure process, allowing the lasers to more accurately treat the targeted area and deliver more precise results. The first ever laser vision correction treatment was carried out in 1988. Since then, the procedure has been developed to attain highly accurate results, allowing patients to see clearly without having to wear glasses all day.

While LASIK can have a major impact on one’s vision, certain factors may limit how effective it will be. First of all, LASIK surgery is best suited for patients who are struggling with myopia (nearsightedness). Secondly, patients who are under the age of 18 are not considered to be candidates for the treatment. During adolescent years, aspects of a patient’s body are still changing, including the eyes. It is important to wait until the patient is fully out of puberty, as hormones and other bodily changes can affect the outcome of the procedure.

A pillar in the Folly Beach community

Situated just south of Charleston, Folly Beach is home to some local favorites. Surrounded by the Folly River and the Atlantic Ocean, Folly Beach is known for its water sports and breathtaking beaches. It is also home to Folly Beach pier, which stretches over 1,000 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. Residents from all over the region flock to Folly Beach for its beautiful recreational areas and outdoor adventures, providing something for the whole family to enjoy.

The Morris Island Lighthouse and Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve draw in visitors from all over the state of South Carolina and beyond. Sitting just at the north end of Folly Beach and the southern side of Charleston Harbor, the lighthouse is an iconic landmark that evokes pride in all residents of the greater Charleston area.

A highly respected force in the world of ophthalmology, Dr. George Waring is the recipient of multiple awards for his various achievements in the realm of eye surgery. His commitment to excellence and use of innovative surgery technologies has enabled his practice to grow into a well-respected name across the state of South Carolina and abroad. His extensive knowledge and experience have enabled him to create highly personalized treatments that address a wide array of issues.

At Waring Vision Institute, patients receive only the best of care while enjoying the comfort and hospitality famously associated with the great city of Folly Beach. Reach out to our office today to set up a private consultation and learn more about our treatments.

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