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Glaucoma is a condition caused by a blockage of the natural drain of the eye. The blockage makes the eye drain poorly, leading to the buildup of fluid and pressure within the eye, called “intraocular pressure.” If left untreated, the condition can worsen and damage the optic nerve that sends images to the brain. The medical professionals at the Waring Vision Institute in Charleston, SC are familiar with surgical and non-surgical treatment options for glaucoma, and their friendly staff will help and guide you through diagnosis and treatment. Dr. George Waring is nationally recognized authority on eye and vision treatments, and responsible for the development of advanced treatments for a range of eye conditions.

Early Detection of Glaucoma

Identifying and treating early signs of glaucoma is vital to diagnosing the disease, and treating it before irreversible damage is done. In many cases, clients are suffering from glaucoma but don’t realize they have the condition, as the symptoms build slowly over time. After an acute attack, or a rapid build-up of eye pressure, a client is diagnosed with glaucoma, and must have emergency treatment to avoid blindness. As the early symptoms may be almost undetectable, it’s important to ensure you have a regular, comprehensive eye exam. Our staff of professionals in vision and eye diseases at the Waring Vision Institute can identify early signs of glaucoma.

Non-Surgical Treatment

In cases where the glaucoma has not developed to the critical stage, many clients can be treated with eye drops that control intraocular pressure. Prior to treatment, we evaluate your medical history and any medications you take to avoid interactions that could endanger your health. The drops are applied directly on the eye and are absorbed through blood vessels on the surface. The medication works to either relax muscles in the eye, decrease fluid production, or increasing outflow of fluid, depending on the type of active ingredient.

Glaucoma Surgery

We have multiple surgical treatments to increase drainage and keep intraocular pressure under control. Various forms of advanced laser therapy work to:

  • Modify the eye’s drain to increase aqueous flow
  • Modify the trabecular meshwork, which also increases aqueous flow
  • Modify part of the fluid-producing part of the eye to decrease fluid production
  • Create increased drainage by modifying the sclera (the white part of the eye)

Most procedures to treat glaucoma are relatively painless. The precise, computer-programmed laser technology allows for quick treatment and little downtime. Dr. Waring is responsible for researching and developing some of the most advanced treatments available in the USA, and is a nationally-recognized leader in the field of vision correction.

Treat your Glaucoma in Charleston, SC

The Waring Vision Institute’s experienced and knowledgeable staff serves the Charleston area including Mount Pleasant, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach. Dr. George Waring owns and operates the facility, overseeing all procedures and to ensure the quality of treatment, and maintain the highest level of personalized care. Contact our office today to schedule an eye exam to check for glaucoma to get the most advanced treatments available in the USA today.

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