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Age Related Blurry Near Vision (Presbyopia)

Presbyopia is the natural and inevitable loss of the ability to focus for near tasks and occurs in everyone. Classified as a type of farsightedness, presbyopia is an age-associated condition. It is distinguished by the fact that it’s caused merely by the passage of time, rather than by environmental factors or a genetic predisposition. Although embarrassing and possibly difficult to admit, most people notice their sight has started to decline at about age forty, requiring reading glasses or bifocals. Dr. Waring is an internationally recognized expert in the management of presbyopia and has been involved in the development of many of the surgical treatments for presbyopia.

Vision and Aging

Presbyopia is a loss of flexibility of the natural lens of the eye, making it less able to flex and focus. You may notice that reading has become a challenge or you are forced to hold a book or menu in a specific place further from your eyes, or need more light to see print clearly. Located in the Charleston area, Dr. George Waring’s is a leader in the development of advanced treatments for presbyopia, and is an international authority on vision correction surgery. The Waring Vision Institute is a destination for premier eyecare treatments, including presbyopia.

Causes of Presbyopia

Some forms of nearsightedness and farsightedness are the result of a deformation in the shape of the eye or environmental factors, but presbyopia is an age-related condition. As the body ages, the proteins in the lens of the eye begin to harden, reducing flexibility and making the lens within the eye harder and stiffer. The muscle fibers surrounding the lens weaken with age and make focusing on nearby objects more difficult. Less elasticity in the lens and the weakened muscle fibers contribute to the fatigue and headaches typically experienced by those with presbyopia.

Your Treatment Options

Treatment for presbyopia may be similar to treatment for farsightedness. Our ophthalmologist may suggest one of the following treatment options based on your specific needs:

  • CLEAR® (Custom Lens Replacements) CLEAR® is a custom lens extraction and replacement for the treatment of DLS. The procedure is carefully and specifically designed to restore both close-up vision and distance vision with a crystal clear restorative implant that lasts a lifetime and prevents further progressive deterioration of vision due to cataracts.
  • VUITY. VUITY is a once-daily prescription eye drop that improves near and intermediate vision without impacting distance vision for adults with age-related blurry near vision. It is the first and only eye drop approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat presbyopia.
  • Contacts. Some people who prefer contacts can opt for multifocal contact lenses, which will correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness. In some cases, a different prescription for each eye is effective: one for nearsightedness and one for farsightedness. Over time the brain adjusts, and favors the right eye for specific needs. The time it will take to adjust to these contacts will vary from client to client, usually within weeks at most.
  • Surgery. Glasses can interfere with your peripheral vision, and contacts create a daily routine and require dexterity and the uncomfortable task of touching your eyes twice a day. Surgery can eliminate those worries and improve your sight with limited discomfort and downtime. Surgical options involve either modifying the shape of the existing lens with laser technology, or completely replacing the lens. There are many different types of surgery, including a treatment that provides an effect similar wearing two contacts with separate focuses. Alternatively, laser lens replacement has become a mainstay of presbyopia treatment. Laser lens replacement (RLE) has the distinct advantages of keeping your eyes balanced for distance and near tasks and can prevent cataracts. Our ophthalmologist will advise you of the most effective and appropriate treatment to correct your vision.

Get the Treatment You Need in Charleston, SC

The Waring Vision Institute is dedicated to solving your vision problems, and Dr. Waring is one of the nation’s most respected eye correction surgeons, responsible for actually developing advanced and nationally-used treatments for presbyopia. He has taught new surgical procedures to other eye surgeons on four continents. His practice is conveniently located in Charleston, SC. He provides individualized care to each client he serves, and is skilled in the most modern surgical techniques. Schedule a consultation with us to find out more about a successful treatment for presbyopia.

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