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LASIK Columbia SC | LASIK Eye Surgery Columbia SC
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At Waring Vision Institute we are proud to provide some of the best LASIK Columbia SC has to offer for patients who are looking for clear, sharp and unstrained vision without the need of glasses or contacts. Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and the second largest city in the state. This southern hot spot is creative hub, fed by a university and surrounding communities, with award-winning attractions, stately historic buildings, and surrounded by natural beauty.

Things to do in Columbia include the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden along the banks of the Lower Saluda River, home to 2,000 animals in habitat. The city also offers historic sites, such as the Hampton-Preston Mansion, built in 1818. The music scene offers state-of-the-art venues featuring world-class artists, along with live music in jazz clubs and lively bars.

LASIK Surgery In Columbia SC for Clear Vision

LASIK is a simple, safe procedure that can do away with the need for contact lenses or glasses. At Waring Vision Institute, we serve Columbia, SC, performing high-definition custom LASIK surgery with precision and skill.

What Is LASIK and What Is It For?

LASIK Columbia is a corrective eye surgery performed with a laser to correct vision problems by changing the shape of the cornea (the transparent layer forming the front the eye). It can correct nearsightedness caused by a cornea that is too steep, farsightedness caused by a cornea that is too flat, and astigmatism, a condition caused by an imperfection in cornea shape.

How Is LASIK Performed?

To perform a Columbia SC LASIK procedure, the surgeon creates a protective flap in the cornea’s outer layer, then removes microscopic cells in the layer underneath to reshape the cornea. When reshaping is complete, the outer flap is put back in place to act as a bandage while the eye heals.

Numbing eye drops are administered to ensure your comfort during surgery. Special instruments are used to keep the eye open and stabilized during the procedure. The procedure can be completed in approximately 10 minutes for each eye and is painless.

How Was the LASIK Technique Discovered?

The LASIK technique was discovered accidentally during the 1980s. IBM researchers discovered that they could carve animal tissue without causing damage with the use of a new type of laser. This discovery was further developed in the 1980s and 1990s until the technique could be safely used to reshape corneas without causing tissue damage, and further perfected to arrive at the birth of LASIK.

Common Reasons to Have LASIK

Clients choose to have LASIK surgery for several compelling reasons:

  • Improved vision: A large percentage of clients who undergo LASIK surgery achieve 20/20 vision or better.
  • Convenience: After LASIK surgery, clients have clearer, sharper vision without the bother of wearing glasses or inserting, removing, cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses. Whether swimming, hiking, working out, or working behind a desk, they can go about their lives with better vision without the worry of dealing with vision correction devices.
  • Appearance: While glasses can be a fashion statement, LASIK gives you the option to see well without glasses and can dramatically improve your appearance.
  • Cost: LASIK surgery is a one-time expense, as compared to a lifetime of costs with glasses or contact lenses. Glasses can break unexpectedly and need to be replaced periodically. People who wear contact lenses must repeatedly purchase lenses, cases, and solutions, and typically need a pair of glasses to keep on hand, just in case.
  • Quick outpatient procedure: LASIK can be performed at the Waring Vision Institute under local anesthesia in approximately 10 minutes for each eye.
  • Fast recovery: Most clients are able to return to work and a normal schedule the day after LASIK surgery. However, you will need someone to drive you home after the procedure.
  • Long-lasting results: Results of LASIK are intended to last. After an initial stabilization period of approximately three months, there is no need for follow-up treatments. Improved vision will last, barring normal vision loss caused by aging or illness.

Why Come to Waring Vision Institute for LASIK Surgery?

Dr. Waring at Waring Vision Institute is an innovator in advanced vision correction and one of the nation’s most accomplished eye surgeons. Among many other awards and recognitions, he has been named among the Top 100 most influential people in ophthalmology in the Ophthalmologist Power List 2018.

Clients come to our clinic locally from Columbia, from across South Carolina, and from afar because of the superior vision correction options we offer. Dr. Waring and the entire staff are committed to providing the highest standard of care in Columbia LASIK surgery, along with concierge-style service and a pleasant, comfortable client experience.

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