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Eye Conditions

Most people rarely think about caring for their eyes until the day something goes wrong. Once a vision or eye disease arises, it is imperative that you have access to the most advanced treatments. Dr. Waring is a respected authority on eye surgery and eye conditions, and works to provide his clients with the most effective treatments available in the USA. As a world-recognized authority on eye surgery who is responsible for the development of some of the most advanced treatments for vision correction, you can be confident that your eye condition is being treated by a professional and leader in his field of practice. The conditions treated at the Waring Vision Institute include:

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Are you tired of wearing glasses to deal with myopia? The need to wear glasses for distance vision can be annoying. Thankfully, new technologies and treatments are available that could help you finally get rid of glasses or contacts and resolve nearsightedness.

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This condition is commonly called “long-sighted” or “farsighted.” Nearby objects and people appear blurred. Resolving this condition and the ongoing problems associated with glasses and contacts is one of the most exciting advances in medical science, and Dr. Waring stays ahead of the curve on all recent developments for the benefit of his clients.

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The cornea (the clear dome covering the front of your eye) can have an imperfect curve, called an astigmatism. The cornea and lens, to function as nature intended, should have the same curve in all directions so that the eye focuses correctly. When the cornea is irregular in shape, the vision is affected. Modern techniques make it possible to correct an astigmatism and restore both close and near vision.

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The word “Presbyopia” means “old eye” in Greek – a simple description of this condition. As the eye lens loses elasticity, typically during middle and old age, vision changes, often leading to the need to wear glasses or contacts. If you suffer from age-related farsightedness, new technologies and treatments are available.

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The lens of the eye, located within the eye structure, begins to harden and become opaque over time. People forty and over typically experience this problem, with various symptoms. Vision becomes cloudy, affecting the ability to read, drive safely, shop, hunt, or see others clearly. Cataract surgery is often necessary to restore clear vision. The procedure involves replacing the natural lens with a synthetic lens.

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This condition is the leading cause of blindness in people 60 and over. The disease damages the eye’s optic nerve, typically due to a fluid buildup in the front of the eye. Early treatment is critical, as the progression of the condition can be halted when identified early. It is important that every person has a full eye exam every year, as the symptoms may not be evident until the damage is done.

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